New: Australian Farm Albums Journal

The first edition of the Australian Farm Albums Journal. This is a magazine that will share stories from Australian Farms and bring the latest news of what is happening at Australian Farm Albums.

In the first edition you can see examples of aerial drone photography, and how amazing aerial photos of your farm will look. There is a feature on the animals we share our lives with, as pets or working animals, including photos of dogs, horses, poultry, and bottle-feeding a lamb and some kids (of the goat variety.) There is a focus on family, and the people who work or help on the farm; because no matter how hard you work, you can’t do it all by yourself.

Also in the first edition of the Australian Farm Albums Journal are a couple of case studies from families who have good stories to tell about what their Farm Albums mean to them. The first is a family who are no longer farming, so their Farm Album holds precious memories of their farm and farming lifestyle. The second family have used their Farm Album as a marketing tool. Both families have sent small copies of their farm albums (mini albums) to family members overseas.

Lastly, we have included a handy “farm alphabet” for you to mark off the things you have on your farm to be photographed. We couldn’t think of anything starting with ‘Z’ (so there is a prize for anyone who actually does have a zebra on their farm!)

The best bit about the magazine is that there is a special offer! If you get the first edition of the Australian Farm Albums Journal magazine and use the code, you will receive a bonus mini album with your Farm Album (but book before the 15 January to make sure you don’t miss out.)



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Posted: October 22, 2017


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