Farm Photography – Karridale WA

I had a great time with the this farming family when I visited their farm at Karridale, near Augusta. They have the good fortune to lease a farm only ten kilometres out of Augusta, on the south coast, so they can live close to the beach while enjoying a farming lifestyle. (My kids would love to be able to go surfing after school, instead of having to wait for our annual two week beach holiday!)

Photo of farmer in green shirt pushing lambs up in the race

When I arrived there were merino x poll dorset lambs in the yard, being weighed and drafted to send off to market. Others were out in a fodder crop of oats, which they had been weaned onto. They should fatten up well in that fodder crop!

Poll Dorsett cross merino lambs in a fodder oat crop, with only their heads showing
Green oat crop with oat headsPhoto of farmer wearing a green shirt sitting in a white farm ute

I have a ten-year-old son, so I was glad to have the opportunity to photograph another ten-year-old-boy. It is a wonderful age to be a boy on a farm! He played with the dog, and helped in the sheep yards. When the evening light caught his hair it was magical.

Photo of farm kid playing with a cream coloured dog
Photo of a farm kid near a shed

farm photography of young boy yarding lambs

Finally I had to sneak in a photo of the alpacas. Aren’t they interesting animals? Here they are used as guard animals in lambing mobs as a protection against foxes.

Three white alpacas looking at the camera against a background of trees


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Posted: November 3, 2016


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