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I’ve been farming for 35 years. After school I came home to the farm for a year to decide what I wanted to do. My dad had about 1,200 acres cleared back then and I helped him tidy up some of the new land. We cleared another 600 acres and bought merino sheep. Until then Dad was running beef cattle and only had a few sheep. We have developed our merino flock to produce high quality fine wool.

I never found anything that I wanted to do more than farming, so I stayed on. I did some courses through TAFE – welding and agricultural mechanics – and I travelled, including an overseas agricultural exchange in Minnesota.

Eventually my parents retired to the coast and I married a farm girl from further out. We have made a lovely home on the farm for our kids, and our eldest son is now home on the farm too. In recent years we have been re-fencing paddocks and doing some land conservation work in salt affected areas. I’m really proud of what I have achieved on our family farm.

Photo of Roger on a motorbike on the farm, with the farm dog.

Roger is a farmer and partner at Australian Farm Albums

Now that our children are growing up, and our son is home on the farm, I have cut back on my farming work which has allowed me to take a more active part in my wife’s photography business, and to supportĀ Australian Farm Albums.



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Posted: June 9, 2014


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