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Farm photo showing aerial view over farmland near Darkan in WA

Aerial photo of view over farmland near Darkan in Western Australia

The golden colour of the landscape around Darkan and many farming areas in spring is the yellow flower of canola crops. Canola is grown for its high oil content. In Australia it is used for cooking oil, spreads and shortening, prepared foods, cosmetics, lubricants, fuels and other industrial applications. The byproduct meal is used as a feed supplement for dairy, poultry and other livestock. Apart from the bright colour it lends to the landscape the crop also spreads a distinct and unpleasant smell. And for those who suffer from hay-fever it can cause severe allergy symptoms.


aerial photo of canola crop growing near Darkan, WA.

The layout of this canola paddock looks a bit like the trunk of a tree (driveway) with branches reaching off it (contour banks).


But for farmers the golden colour of canola in flower is the colour of money!


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Posted: September 17, 2014


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