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Farm Albums

photo of a farm album open at a page showing a little boy and his grandfather. Photo by caro telfer, photographer.

Can you remember what your farm was like fifty years ago?  Do you have a book with photos of the livestock, buildings, crops, and machinery that were on your farm in 1969? How different will farming be in 2069? Imagine your grandchildren or great-grandchildren in fifty years time looking through the farm album you created in 2019! Your investment today will be a lasting gift for your family!

At Australian Farm Albums we believe in the value of photographs as memories and provide farming families with quality professional photographs that document their farms in customised, hard cover coffee-table style photo books which tell their individual farming stories.

We create Farm Albums for you, because we know that farmers value their family’s farming heritage. Your investment today in an Australian Farm Album will leave a lasting legacy for future generations of your family. 

Farm Albums
Your Farm Album is a beautifully bound hard-cover book embossed with silver, featuring your farm or family name. The pages are thick and durable and have a smooth satin finish. The album comes with a glossy dust jacket. An Australian Farm Album is a modern concept of an album, being a coffee-table style book. The hardcover photo book is printed and assembled in Australia. It is made using the finest materials, and up-to-date printing techniques.