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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Farm Album?

A Farm Album is a large format hardcover photo book containing photos of your farm, business and family.

Do I need to have old photos to put in my Farm Album?

No, you don’t need to have any photos already, as our photographer will take photos of everything on your farm to include in the Farm Album. However if you do have historical photos that you would like included that can be arranged, and a good idea is to ask the photographer to take a similar photo to the old photo to show the changes that have taken place on your farm.

Is there any writing in a Farm Album?

We believe that some writing will add value to your Farm Album, however our photographers and album designers do not create copy for your Farm Album. The basic information that you provide to us, which includes your farm and family names and the location or address of your property, are included in the introduction to your book.

We encourage you to put pen to paper and write some information about your farm, family, or business that can be included in your Farm Album. Some people have favourite quotes or poems that they like to have included.

How much will it cost me to get a Farm Album?

How much will it cost me to get a Farm Album?

There are three different levels of farm album, which can be tailored to suit your farm business and your family. The Snapshot Album costs $1,790; the Milestone Album costs $2,520; and the Lifetime Album package costs $3,300.

You may be able to claim GST back if it is a business expense – talk to your accountant.

The cost of your Australian Farm Album includes a photographer visiting your farm on one or two separate occasions, taking photos of all aspects of the farm, business and family. editing photos, scanning and adding optional documents, designing and printing the album, the album in a presentation box and delivery of your album.

Can I put my own photos in my Farm Album.


If you have recent photos of activities or events on your farm – for instance you may have photos of floods, fires, storm damage, a bogged tractor, or another instance that has occurred when our photographer is not available – then they can be included too. Please supply photos in digital format.

How many times will a photographer come to my farm?

Our Lifetime and Milestone packages allows a photographer to visit your farm twice. This allows time to get the best photos possible, and it can be at different times to accommodate different farming operations or seasons. The Snapshot package allows for one farm visit.

You may decide to pay for an extra visit during a different season, or if you refer another client who lives nearby, and they book a Farm Album with us, then we will spend another session at your farm free of charge.

Can I get aerial photos of my farm?

Yes! We can take aerial photos of your farm with a drone-mounted camera. You will need to tell us that you would like aerial photos at the time of booking so that we can allocate a photographer with a remote pilot’s license to visit your farm.

The cost of drone photography is included in the Lifetime Album package only.

Please understand that the drone can only fly in the right conditions, so if it is raining or too windy or gusty, then the drone will not be able to fly, and the aerial photos will have to be rescheduled.

How long will it take to make my Farm Album?

We estimate that your album will be printed eight weeks after all photos have been taken. The photos need to be edited and then the album designed and compiled. This will take up to two weeks, but may not be started immediately if the photographer is travelling to several farms in your area. If you have additional documents or photos that you would like included please try to get them to us at the time of your session or soon after to avoid delays.

Is my farm suitable to have a Farm Album?

Yes! Any farm, big or small, deserves to be documented in a Farm Album. Even if your farm is non-commercial or a retirement or hobby block we are sure that you would value a Farm Album. For really large farms we may not be able to photograph everything in the allotted day, but you have the opportunity to pay for an extra session for complete coverage.

I don't own my farm - can I get a Farm Album?

Yes, but you will need permission from the farm owners to photograph their property.

What is the point of a Farm Album?

A Farm Album is many things for many people. Australian Farm Albums documents your farm and family at a point in time. It is something that you can share with friends and family, now and into the future. A Farm Album can be used as a marketing tool for farm produce or for the farm itself. You could use it as an introduction to your farm for new employees, as part of an asset register, or for identifying items in an insurance claim. A Farm Album makes a wonderful gift! Your Australian Farm Album will become an even more valuable resource in the future as a historical record.

How many Farm Albums can I get?

For your initial investment you will receive one Farm Album. Extra books may be purchased in the large format (12″ x 12″/30 x 30cm) as well as in smaller sizes (21cm x 21cm or 15cm x 15cm.) You can order extra books for a discount if you order them at the time of booking. You will probably want to order one for each family member and maybe another as a gift to an employee.

How big is a Farm Album?

The large format hardcover Farm Album in the Lifetime and Milestone packages measures 30cm x 30cm (12″ x 12″).

The Snapshot Album is a medium size measuring 21cm x 21cm.

You can also order a duplicate mini album, which will have the same photos as your original album, but measures 15cm x 15cm.

Can I get extra Farm Albums?

Yes! You can order extra Farm Albums at the time of booking for a discount, but if you don’t decide until later, don’t worry – they will still be available. We can reprint your albums at any stage into the future, provided that our supplier keeps the same specifications for the printing.

What if I don't like my Farm Album?

We are pretty sure that you will love your Farm Album! But if you find that there is a problem with your album we will replace it for you. If you decide that you don’t want an album at all, after you have received it, you can return the album and we will refund the portion of your payment that is allocated to the printing of your album. We are sorry that under normal circumstances we cannot refund the initial payment for the professional photography services.

How much of my time will I need to allocate to creating my Farm Album?

You can decide how much time you put into creating your album, but we would like you to give the time that it deserves to create the best photos possible. We will provide a checklist for you to go through so that we know what needs to be photographed. On the day of your session if you have livestock you could work with your photographer to get action shots – feed livestock, or move them through a gate or take them into the yards to get some great photos. If you are actually working on the farm in some of the photos you will find them more valuable to your family in the future. Of course if all of that seems too hard then just hand your photographer the checklist and a map and see what they come up with!

What do I have to do to prepare for farm photos?

You don’t have to do anything special to prepare for your farm photos, but it is a good idea to talk to all family members and employees so that everyone is aware that they will be photographed. You could prepare by making sure things are neat and tidy so that your farm looks its best in the photos. Maybe mow the lawn or cut grass around the house, tidy up empty chemical containers, and put machinery out of the shed if you need photos of machinery.

Do we need to have all family members in the photos?

No, but your Farm Album will seem incomplete if there are important family members or business partners missing. If you want all of your family members in the photos then organise for them to be available on the day of your session.

What will the photographer take photos of?

We aim to take photos of every aspect of your farm and family. This can include the landscapes, people, machinery, vehicles, livestock, crops, infrastructure, buildings, houses, pets, and anything else you can think of. We provide you with a checklist so that we don’t miss anything. Also, if there is anything on your farm that you do NOT want photographed you should alert the photographer beforehand.

Can I change my mind after the photos are taken?

You can change your mind about receiving your printed Farm Album up until the time that the album file is sent away to the printers. But once a photographer has visited your farm and photographed your farm you will need to pay for the professional services of the photographer.

When do I have to pay for my Farm Album?

We ask that you pay a retainer of $400 to confirm your booking and to schedule a photographer. The balance will be due on the day of your photography session. Any extra albums will need to be paid for when they are ordered.

How can I pay for my Farm Album?

We accept cash, cheques, direct bank deposits, or credit cards.

We also offer PayRight payment plans, which will allow you to pay a 10% deposit, and pay off the remaining balance over 6 or 12 months.

Are your photographers accredited?

Yes! Our photographers are accredited members of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.

Do you sell anything else beside Farm Albums?


Our photographer will take many beautiful photographs of your farm and your family. Your Farm Album brings all the photos together to tell the whole story of your farm. Individual photos however can make stunning wall art. We can supply photos framed and ready to hang in your home. There is an option to purchase a slideshow of your album images on a USB thumb drive.

Other products available include greeting cards and calendars.

Will you put photos of me online?

We love to share our photos online on our website, in social media, and in printed publications. However before any photos are published we always get permission from the person in the photograph.