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Farm Memories

Photo of detail of the quality binding of an Australian Farm Album is a hardcover coffee-table style photo book.

You’ve taken your children back to the farm where you grew up, where your farming life began. You imagine their excitement when they see the chook yard, the stables, and the towering salmon gums.
Only when you arrive, you see it through their eyes. The house has long been abandoned, the shearing shed is in disrepair, and fences have been removed to make way for huge machinery. Far from the thriving farmyard you remember, the kids stare at fallen ceilings and an eroded landscape.
You want them to share your memories; to feel the warm familiarity of your childhood farm. Your father, young and strong, labouring on the farm. Your hard-working mother always busy doing chores. And you, a carefree farm kid, feeding your calf or riding your bike through the dirt to the bus stop.

This is a scenario that won’t happen with future generations of Australian farming families, because they can invest in an Australian Farm Album.

They’ll have a big book full of beautiful photos of life on the farm.  Photos of kids in their pyjamas eating cereals at the kitchen bench, dad’s boots at the door, and the clothes flapping in the breeze on the hills hoist. Photos of the dust rising from a mob of sheep as they’re herded by sheepdogs into the yards. Photos of the mailbox at the front gate, the trees lining the driveway and the solar pump that pumps the water from the house dam to water the lush lawns and laden fruit trees in the garden.

Don’t leave your memories to dwindle over the years! Invite a photographer onto your farm, and make the effort to create a farm album that will be a permanent record of the moments on your farm that are fleeting! 

If you’d like to discuss how we could document your farm and family, call Caro on 0427363068, or email now.