Spring Is Ram Sale Time For Australian Studs

The sheep industry is very busy in the springtime, with studs holding sales all around the country.

Caroline Telfer photographed the Anderson Rams merino ram sale near Kojonup last year, and the day has come around again for this year’s sale. With wool prices currently doing well, average prices at merino ram sales this year are higher than last year.

This sale is different from most, as it is held using the Helmsman auction system, whereby bidders vote for their preferred rams by submitting to the auctioneer slips of paper on which the purchase price is written. The current highest bid is displayed on a board, and once a bidder’s price is outbid then the price is updated on the board and they have a chance to put in a higher bid. In this way buyers are bidding on all of the rams over a period of an hour or so. Towards the end the bids will be finalised, and there will be a chance for one last bid on each ram. With this system there is a flurry of activity at times, and at other times it is a bit like cat and mouse, waiting to see if the person whose bid has just been beaten will come back to raise the stakes again.

You can see some “action shots” of the bidding in the photos below. The bidder handing over the bid slip is captured in one photo, and other photos show the buyers adding notes to their sale booklets, or watching the board. You can see the auctioneers writing numbers on the board and wiping off others as bids increase.

Like most rural events there is good country hospitality, as you can see in the photograph of family members at the food table.

photo of smiling woman shaking hand of buyer Stud master Lynley Anderson greets buyers at Anderson Rams Merino Ram sale at Kojonup

photo of fine wool merino rams in pens and buyers looking over rails Inspecting rams at Anderson Rams Merino Ram sale at Kojonup

photo of farmers seated in large shed Buyers seated as they prepare their bids

photo of legs in jeans and boots in front of ram pens Ram sale fashions – boots and jeans

photo of hands and pen on booklet with lots of numbers The sale booklet contains plenty of information about the rams

hands exchanging slip of paper with words on Handing over a bid slip

photo of hands and whiteboard markers with lots of numbers on whiteboard Rams are auctioned by the helmsman system

photo of man speaking on phone with rams in pens in background Buyer getting advice over the phone during the ram sale

photo of smiling women behind food and drinks table Family members provided food and drink at Anderson Rams Merino Ram sale at Kojonup

Smiling woman wearing jacket with Anderson Rams words Stud master Lynley Anderson

photo of two merino rams in a cage on back of farm pickup truck Rams loaded onto farm ute ready to go to their new home.

photo of grey cloudy sky over farmland with farm driveway and gates Farm driveway at Anderson Rams Merino Ram sale at Kojonup

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Posted: October 18, 2017


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